Presentations and Theming

POC Media delivers on-stage excellence (both Live & Virtual) with an award-winning creative team, whose experience ranges from multi-media design to the production of massive rock concerts.

Our creative team customizes intelligent lighting, synchronized with multi-media elements that bring themes to life.

Graphic design, 2-D & 3-D animation, LED & projection screens, presidential teleprompters, and concert level audio systems are all part of the POC Media live production arsenal, while Virtual Ballrooms, Virtual Break-Outs, Virtual Expos, and branded elements support our virtual production efforts.

An award-winning in-house team of photographers, videographers, animators, editors, technicians, and producers deliver consistency and excellence in both live and virtual conference planning, staging, and production.

When a company invests the time, energy, and resources to bring key team-members, franchisees, board members, and prospective clients together, the messaging must be on-target, and delivered in a memorable way. POC Media delivers for our clients.